Not sure you can determine whether a claimant qualifies or remains disabled?

Let Comprehensive Medical Reviews’ know-how help you take the first step in verification

According to the National Business Group on Health, each year more than three-quarter of a million Americans experience injuries or illnesses that keep them out of work for five months or longer. How are you to be sure of the exact nature of the claims you manage? How can you be sure the claimant still meets the qualifications of a disability by the definition of their specific policy? As you know, exposure in any claim is something you need managed correctly from the start. Let CMR’s expertise in the realm of STD & LTD work for you and your claims management team by providing you objective, clear and well supported medical examinations Nationwide. CMR ensures that all Disability examinations are performed by the appropriately trained and experienced Disability examiner to ensure that your final report only addresses the injury/condition in question and that all exam findings and requested opinions are clinically accurate and medically sound. CMR’s knowledge base and commitment to learning every client’s specific need is just one of CMR’s many strengths. Our accurate application of that strong point is another.

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