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Medical Examinations

Examinations in their various forms are a core product of CMR, ranging from IME’s in Auto (No Fault), Workers’ Compensation & Disability thru to partisan Liability Medical Expert examination services. CMR is not limited to providing these services in any one particular geographic location and wears the term Nationwide very well. CMR offers a variety of other cost saving services for medical claims customers as below:

Peer/File Reviews

Often in the course of managing a claim there may arise a need to verify the necessity, reasonableness and timeliness of a particular service or treatment period. The primary objective of a Peer or File Review report produced by CMR when a physical exam is not possible or advisable is to render a complete, impartial and medically reliable opinion following an independent review by a licensed Examiner of like specialty and provide a comprehensive report.

Radiology Reviews

A Radiology review report produced by CMR is intended to render an impartial and medically reliable opinion following an independent review of radiological films by a licensed and board certified radiologist for the purpose of confirming or refuting the findings of the radiologist who performed the original review. This service is often requested by clients to be used as an implement in claims, where the extent of injury, causality and permanency is unclear or in dispute.

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